Buckeye tent rental offers two types of tents, Pole and Frame. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with questions.

Item Seating Price

Pole Tents

15 x 15 28 $175.00

20 x 20 40 $220.00

20 x 30 60 $275.00

20 x 40 80 $340.00

30 x 40 120 $495.00

30 x 45 130 $540.00

40 x 40 160 $675.00

30x 60 176 $695.00

40 x 60 240 $1080.00

60 x 70 416 $1690.00

60 x 100 600 $2300.00

60 x 130 776 $2860.00

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Frame Tents

$175.00 10 x20 24

$235.00 20 x 20 40

$350.00 20 x 30 60

$470,00 20 x 40 80

$510.00 30 x 30 90

$850.00 40 x 40 160

$1020.00 30 x 60 176

$ 565.00 40 x 40 HEX 104

Other Tent Products

Item Information Price

Additional Tent Sides Each Tent comes with one side furnished $10.00

Hard surface setup Hard surface setup includes parking lots, patios and $15.00


Tables and Chairs

Items Seating at Tables Price

6ft. banquet (wood) 6-8 $6.50

6ft. Banquet (Plastic) 6-8 $6.50

8ft. Banquet (wood) 8-10 $7.50

8ft. Banquet (Plastic) 8-10 $7.50

48in. Round 6 $7.00

60in. Round (wood) 8 $8.00

60 in. Round (plastic) 8 $8.00

36" round cabret tables $8.00

White Chairs $1.35

Brown Chairs $1.25

Our wood tables have metal legs with plastic molding around the sides. We also carry plastic banquet tables in 6 and 8 foot lengths and round tables also. The plastic tables are also lighter than the wood tables.

We carry poly fold chairs. Our chairs have a steel frame and a plastic seat and back. They are easy to transport and carry.

We also carry Kwik-Cover Fitted Vinyl Table Coverings

Colors avaiable are: White, Red, Blue, Green, and Black.

Price is $4.25 per table covering.

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